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Cadet Information

The cadet exam is offered on a daily basis in Baton Rouge, LA; however, the State Police Commission is now offering the option of scheduling through an online proctoring service in an effort to allow greater flexibility for testers. The online option requires a high-speed internet connection, a webcam, a Windows or Apple operating system, and a government-issued photo ID; additionally, the online proctor will charge a $30 fee for the live proctoring service which is paid directly to the proctoring service. Applicants wishing to take the exam using the online proctored service should write "ONLINE" in the top right corner of their application so that they can be contacted for scheduling. NOTE: There is no charge to take the in-person exam in Baton Rouge on the scheduled test date.

No, examinations are offered to establish a pool of applicants for review by the Louisiana State Police when funding is available for hiring, not necessarily for a particular academy.

You should arrive to the testing location at least thirty minutes prior to your scheduled examination time. The examination is timed, therefore, late arrivals will not be permitted to take the examination. Upon written request you will be scheduled for the exam the next time it is offered. The online proctored exam option is scheduled by the applicant at his/her convenience.

The cadet exam is a PASS/FAIL exam. Results of the in-person exam will be mailed to the testers within 1-2 weeks following the test date. Results of exams taken through the online proctored service are calculated and available immediately upon the conclusion of the exam.

Soon after you pass your exam you will receive an applicant packet from the Internal Affairs Office of the Louisiana State Police. This packet must be completed by you and returned to Internal Affairs by the date specified in the packet. You will receive no further correspondence from the State Police Commission once you have achieved a passing score on the examination; however, be sure to keep the State Police Commission updated anytime you change your contact information (phone number or address).

Write a letter or send an email to the State Police Commission asking to be retested. Requests to retest must be submitted within thirty days of your test score notice. No fax transmittals will be accepted. In accordance with State Police Commission Rule 7.4(d), applicants who take an examination shall not take the same examination again until a period of at least thirty (30) days has elapsed from the date of the last examination, and no applicant shall be admitted to the same examination more than three times in any twelve-month period.

Once you have achieved a passing score, your score will remain in effect unless you are notified by this office of a change in status.

Yes, a Candidate Preparation Manual is available for download under the Employment Info Tab on the Home Page.

Effective 01/08/2024, entrance rate of $56,000.00 annually; $4,666.67 per month.
$57,680.00 upon graduation from the State Police Training Academy / POST; $4,806.67 per month.
$59,410.40 upon successful completion of Field Training Officer (FTO) Program; $4,950.87 per month.
$61,192.71 after one year; $5,099.39 per month.

All notifications for testing, retesting and all phases of hiring process are done by mail. It is of utmost importance that you keep the State Police Commission office informed of your current address and telephone number. If you have changes of address or telephone number, please forward them to this office in writing only. No fax transmittals will be accepted.

Your DD-214 should have been submitted with your application. Individuals receiving veterans preference have an asterisk beside their name, indicating the preference to the State Police. Veterans preference applies once you have achieved a passing score on the examination. This preference cannot be used to achieve a passing score.


Actions Taken After the Hiring Process

Upon completion of the interview and hiring process, the Office of State Police will provide this office with "action codes" on each applicant competing for an appointment to a particular academy. Below is a list of the "action codes" provided and the effects of the codes as they apply to applicants.

You will receive a letter from this office if you have been removed from future consideration for any of the following reasons. Your name will not be removed from eligibility without being so informed.

FR = Failed to Respond to an Inquiry of Availability or Employment Packet; Failure to Report for Physical Agility Test; Failure to Report for Interview; or Failure to Report or Respond to any phase of the interview/hiring process, results in removal of your name from the availability list.

D = Declined Appointment, results in removal of your name from the Availability List.

I = Interviewed, results in your name being resubmitted to the Office of State Police for consideration in future Academies.

C = Considered, results in your name being resubmitted to the Office of State Police for consideration in future Academies.

U = Unacceptable for Employment, results in removal of your name from the Availability list.


Public Information Officers

Public information officers are assigned to work at each of the local state police troops. These individuals will be available to you to answer any job-related or job-specific questions you might have. Any questions concerning the actual testing process should be addressed to the staff of the State Police Commission in Baton Rouge at (225) 925-7057.

Troop A Baton Rouge 225-754-8500 Troop B Kenner 504-471-2775
Troop C Gray 504-857-3680 Troop D Lake Charles 337-491-2511
Troop E Alexandria 318-487-5911 Troop F Monroe 318-345-0000
Troop G Shreveport 318-741-7411 Troop I Lafayette 318-262-5880
Troop L Mandeville 985-893-6250