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Cadet Downloads

The following standard State Police Commission forms and documents may be downloaded and saved to your computer.

To download a form

  1. Click on the desired title;
  2. Follow the prompts given by your browser;
  3. In the "Save as" or "Save to Disk" window, choose the directory or folder in which you wish to save the form; and
    Choose "Save"
    Note: All of the downloadable forms and documents are in PDF formats.

Cadet Application

Cadet Application Additional Work Experience (optional)

Cadet Study Guide

These forms and documents have been provided as a public service and have all been successfully processed on a State computer system. However, we cannot guarantee success for all users, due to the wide variety of browsers/platforms in use. It is still the responsibility of the user to obtain desired forms, and to use these forms appropriately and in a manner consistent within these limitations.

Note: The forms provided by download may not be changed; doing so will render them null and void. All relevant deadlines apply. Applicants interested in using the online proctoring service should review the Q & A on the Cadet Info page.