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Louisiana State Police Commission
Chapter 5

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5.1 Adoption of a Classification Plan.
    (a) The Director, on a regular basis, shall present to the Commission at public hearing a Classification Plan consisting of all current classification in the system including any new or amended jobs added (in accordance With Rule 5.1(c). Such plan shall consist of job specifications designated by standard titles designed to encompass all positions and jobs in the classified service.

    (b) An original classification plan or an amended classification plan shall become effective only after approval by the Commission following public hearing.

    (c) The Director may approve amendments to the classification plan on an interim basis as the need for new jobs is identified; and any amendments made more than 15 days prior to the public hearing may be presented to the Commission at public hearing as provided in Rule 5.1(a).
5.2 Allocation of Positions.
    (a) The Director, after consultation with the appointing authorities concerned, shall cause each position to be allocated into its appropriate job and may reallocate positions from job to job.

    (b) In making such allocations, the Director shall provide for uniform application of the classification plan to all positions regardless of appointing authority.

    (c) No person shall be appointed to any position until it has been officially allocated by the State Police Commission.

    (d) Allocation of positions shall be based on those duties being actually certified as true by the appointing authority as stated on the official position description form. Falsification or misrepresentation of duty statements are a violation of State Police Commission Rules and any such falsification or misrepresentation cannot support allocation into any job.
5.3 Review of Classifications.
    (a) The Director shall provide for the systematic review of the classification of each position in the classified service.

    (b) An employee affected by the allocation or reallocation of a position to a job shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to have his case reviewed by the Director or by a representative whom he designates. The Director's decision shall be final in these matters unless there is an allegation that his ruling has been discriminatory.
5.4 Use of Job Titles.
    (a) The title of each job shall be the official title of every position allocated to the job and shall be used to the exclusion of all others on all payrolls, budget estimates, and official records and reports pertaining to budget estimates, and official records and reports pertaining to the position, provided.

      1. That any abbreviation or code symbol approved by the Director may be used to designate a position of a job.

      2. That any other working title satisfactory to the appointing authority may be used in connection with matters not having to do with the personnel transactions prescribed by the Director.

    (b) No employee shall be appointed, employed, or paid under any title other than that of the job to which the position occupied or to be occupied by him is assigned.
5.5 Force an Effect of Job Specifications.
    The classification plan consists of the specifications for all jobs officially created and shall have the following force and effect:

    (a) The definitions are descriptive and not restrictive. They are intended to indicate the kinds of positions that should be allocated to the various jobs as determined by their duties and responsibilities. The use of a particular expression or illustration as to duties shall not be held to exclude others not mentioned that are of similar kind or quality.

    (b) The allocation of a position to a job and the assignment of a job to a pay grade is based on the analysis of duties and responsibilities reported on the official position questionnaire by the appointing authority.

    (c) Repealed, effective September 7, 1982.

    (d) Repealed, effective June 29, 1987.
5.6 Status of Incumbent When Position is Reallocated.
    (a) When a position is allocated into a different job at the same, higher, or lower grade level, the incumbent shall be entitled to serve without change in status provided there are no legal barriers for such service, such as license, certification, or accreditation which exceed the credential possessed by the incumbent and such legal requirements are included within the established minimum qualification requirements.

    (b) When the incumbent does not possess the minimum qualification requirements or where any of the legitimate barriers do exist, the position shall be declared a new position and the incumbent shall be assigned duties and responsibilities associated with a job for which he does qualify.
5.7 Job Evaluation
    The Director shall evaluate and/or reevaluate each job in the classification plan to establish its relative value in the classified service. Jobs will be assigned to a pay grade based on the provisions contained in Chapter 6 of these Rules as well as consideration of each job's evaluation.

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