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Louisiana State Police Commission
State Police Commission

The State Police Commission is a seven member body that has exclusive jurisdiction and final authority over the administration of the state police service. The Commission serves as an impartial review board that enacts and adjudicates State Police Commission Rules to regulate state police personnel activities, and hears appeals from commissioned full-time law enforcement officers.

Six of the members are appointed by the Governor; the seventh is an employee representative elected by the classified members of the State Police Service. Each member serves a six year term. When choosing an appointed member, the Governor must select from a list of three people nominated by the president of one of the state's major private universities. Current members of the commission are listed below.

Mr. Eulis Simien, Jr., Chairman
Represents: 6th Congressional District
Nominations from: Xavier University
Appointed: 12/06/2016
Term Expires:12/05/2022

Mr. Brian A. Crawford, Vice-Chairman
Represents: 4th Congressional District
Nominations from: Centenary College
Appointed: 12/06/2020
Term Expires: 12/05/2026

Master Trooper Robert W. Mire, Member
Classified Employee Representative
Elected: 12/4/2020
Term Expires: 12/31/2026

Mr. Leonard K. Knapp, Jr., Member
Represents: 3rd Congressional District
Nominations from: Tulane University
Appointed: 08/03/2018
Term Expires: 12/05/2021

Capt. Sabrina E. Richardson, Member
Represents: 2nd Congressional District
Nominations from: Louisiana College
Appointed: 11/13/2020
Term Expires:12/05/2023

Mr. Jared J. Caruso-Riecke, Member
Represents: 1st Congressional District
Nominations from: Dillard University
Term Expires: 12/05/2024

Chief Harold Pierite, Sr., Member
Represents: 5th Congressional District
Nominations from: Loyola University
Appointed: 01/16/2020
Term Expires:12/05/2025

Last Modified: 01/13/2021