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Financial Investigator
Joint Operations Coordinator
Senior Pilot
Master Pilot
Emergency Services Trainee Technician
Emergency Services Technician
Emergency Services Technician Supervisor
Emergency Services Senior Technician
Emergency Services Deputy Command Technician
Emergency Services Command Technician
Technical Support Officer Trainee
Technical Support Officer
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Louisiana State Police Commission

The examples of work given are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work performed in positions allocated to this job. The absence of specific statements of duties does not exclude those tasks from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment of the position.

JOB TITLE:State Police Sergeant

Job Class Code: 07143130

To supervise State Police Troopers in a variety of services designed to aid the Office of State Police in fulfilling its objectives.


Supervisor - first line.


General from State Police Lieutenant.


Direct over State Police Troopers.


Department of Public Safety and Corrections; Office of State Police.


Differs from State Police Trooper by having supervisory responsibility.

Differs from State Police Lieutenant by the lack of shift supervisory responsibility or by the lack of the responsibility for planning and coordinating the activities of a State Police unit.


Traffic Services
Directs, inspects and reviews all law enforcement activities of subordinate Troopers.

Directs work of radio operators, custodial workers and other support personnel.

Assigns Troopers to respond to requests for assistance.

Answers telephone and walk-in requests for information and assistance.

Instructs, occasionally, Cadets at the Louisiana State Police Training Academy in various aspects of law enforcement work.

Completes troop records and writes reports.

Inspects troop vehicles to determine condition and submits records and reports on their maintenance and repairs.

Patrols highways, gives information and assistance to motorists.

Writes citations for law violations.

Investigates accidents; keeps bystanders out of danger.

Renders first aid.

Questions witnesses and drivers.

Investigates and prepares narrative reports of conditions and causes of accidents.

Supervises removal of debris to restore normal traffic flow.

Conducts preliminary investigations of crimes and complaints; documents findings and enlists further aid if necessary.

Arrests violators of the law and prefers charges.

Searches for, collects and preserves evidence.

Appears in court as a witness.

Transports and provides security for V.I.P.'s.

Gives lectures and talks to the public, civic organizations and other groups.

Assists other law enforcement agencies in their investigatory activities.

Serves as regional Public Information Officer.

Prepares press releases for State Police regions.

Investigative Services
Serves as assistant to a Lieutenant or Captain in the management of one of the various section s including operational development, internal affairs, etc.

Analyzes and reviews all auto theft and heavy equipment theft reports submitted by Troopers and evaluates the content of these reports to ascertain patterns of theft.

Assimilates and records auto theft and heavy equipment theft statistics on a daily and monthly basis.

Advises and assists State Police personnel on matters of vehicle identification, investigative procedures, procedures for examination of reconstructed vehicles and issuance of replacement State Police vehicle identification numbers and motor numbers and on all legal aspects of auto theft investigations.

Trains law enforcement officers (state and local) in methods of investigations, identification of stolen vehicles, proper reporting techniques, etc.

Provides investigative leads to investigators and assists in those investigations when necessary.

Inspects vehicle salvage pools, wrecker and storage services to determine proper procedures are being followed.

Serves as first-line supervisor over a unit of Troopers in the Internal Affairs Section.

Assigns duties.

Reviews investigations and recommends actions to be taken.

Trains new Troopers in the Internal Affairs Section.

Conducts confidential, indepth pre-employment back-ground investigations on individuals who have met the preliminary requirements for employment with the Louisiana State Police and other offices of the Department of Public Safety.

Conducts confidential and sensitive investigations into civil, criminal and/or procedural complaints against any Department of Public Safety employee including interviewing complainant, interrogating suspects, filing criminal charges and making arrests.

Participates in merit board examinations for employee promotions.

Prepares various forms, reports and special studies.

Serves as first-line supervisor in the Intelligence/Investigative Support Center Section.

Assigns investigations, reviews work and recommends actions to be taken.

Analyzes complaints to determine if a state law has been violated.

Trains new Troopers in investigative techniques.

Investigates violators through surveillance, undercover infiltration, checking background of suspects, developing sources of information, etc. in order to acquire evidence to arrests and prosecute law violators.

Debriefs confidential informants, interrogates suspects and interviews crime victims and witnesses.

Executes legal search and arrest warrants.

Patrols areas utilized by narcotics traffickers and known law violators.

Recruits, develops and supervises confidential informants.

Prepares bi-weekly and monthly reports, documents all case activities and prepares other forms and reports as necessary.

Assists other law enforcement agencies in conducting investigations.

Maintains equipment.

Support Services
Serves as assistant to a Lieutenant or Captain in the management of one of various support sections of the Office of state Police including operational development, criminal laboratory services, criminal records, inspectional services, fleet operations or training and education/special task, etc.

Instructs or supervises the instruction of classes at the Louisiana State Police Training Academy and/or performs in-service training and/or serves as a counselor at the Louisiana State Police youth Camp.

Performs various public relations duties including speeches, press releases, etc.

Answers correspondence and telephone inquiries regarding the State Police.

Assists the Deputy Secretary in a staff capacity in writing policies, procedures, legislation, budget requests, etc.

Coordinates the purchasing program in a section of State Police including preparation of requisitions, records maintenance, budget reports, etc.

Prepares special research reports.

Assists in conducting staff inspections.

Supervises a small staff of troopers and/or civilian personnel.

Assigns and reviews work performed by subordinates.

Serves as liaison between local law enforcement agencies and state police.

Prepares various daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly reports and statistics.

Protective Services
Serves as first-line supervisor over a group of Troopers responsible for the protection and security of various public officials and their families including the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and visiting dignitaries.

Assigns duties to Troopers.

Trains new Troopers in protective services.

Patrols the Governor's Mansion and screens mail and visitors.

Plans and provides security for the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or Attorney General in all trips.

Monitors electronic surveillance equipment.

Supervises inmates who work at the Governor's Mansion.

Serves as first-line supervisor over a section of Troopers in the Hazardous Materials Section.

Assigns investigations.

Reviews work and recommends actions to be taken.

Trains new Troopers in the Hazardous Materials Section.

Responds to hazardous materials accidents and assists in the coordination of activities at the site.

Investigates hazardous materials violations.

Trains emergency response personnel and industry personnel statewide on emergency response procedures and hazardous materials rules and regulations.

Develops hazardous materials training programs.

Inspects vehicles and containers for compliance with hazardous materials regulations.

Prepares various reports, forms and special reports.


Five years of experience as a Louisiana State Police Officer

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