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Emergency Services Senior Technician

Job Class Code: 7156120 PR, F5 08/30/07

Job Title: State Police Emergency Services Senior Technician

Function of Work: To serve as a Senior Technician within the State Police Emergency Services Unit with the capabilities to enforce laws governing hazardous materials; to serve as the incident commander on hazardous materials incidents in the state of Louisiana with advanced training, knowledge, operational aptitude and regulatory authority to remediate and mitigate hazardous materials incidents.

Level of Work: Advanced Journeyman

Supervision Received: Direct from a State Police Emergency Services Technician Supervisor.

Supervision Exercised: Functional or project based supervision on hazardous material incidents.

Location of Work: Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Office of State Police, Emergency Services Unit.

Job Distinctions: Differs from a State Police Emergency Services Technician by the level of training and possession of experience and operational aptitude required to perform the most complex duties associated with a hazardous materials technician.

Differs from State Police Master Trooper by possession of the regulatory authority to investigate and enforce state criminal and administrative laws governing the transportation, manufacturing and storage of hazardous materials; and specific training, equipment, experience and certifications necessary to successfully investigate and safely resolve complex hazardous materials incidents.

Examples of Work: Performs all functions of a commissioned State Police Trooper.

Conducts routine hazardous materials inspections on the various modes of transportation utilized to transport and store hazardous materials (i.e.: Highway, Rail, Marine and Fixed Site Facilities)

Responds to hazardous materials incidents as the lead state agency with both regulatory and statutory authority over all hazardous materials incidents.
Mitigates hazardous material incidents involving Highway, Rail, Marine and Fixed site facilities.

Coordinates incident management techniques during hazardous materials incidents with State Police Emergency Services Technician Supervisor.

Conducts comprehensive investigations derived from hazardous material incidents.

Writes comprehensive reports to document infractions in the states hazardous materials laws.

Provides expert testimony in both criminal and civil court proceedings.

Provides training initiatives, including classroom instruction and practical exercises designed to educate local, state and federal law enforcement agencies on weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.

Conducts specific awareness level training regarding response to and prevention of bio-terrorism.

Provides National Incident Management training to local, state and federal agencies.

Educates and provides leadership to industry on hazardous materials regulatory issues.

Provides leadership and technical support on hazardous materials to local and state government.

Serves as the State Police Incident Commander on hazardous materials incidents with statutory authority to make complex decisions involving hazardous materials incident management.

Inspects, services and maintains all hazardous materials response equipment to ensure operational readiness during an emergency response.

Minimum Qualifications: Must have completed two (2) years as a State Police Emergency Services Technician having satisfactorily completed all mandatory training.

Mandatory Special
Requirements: Meet all mandatory United States Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Health and Safety Administration 29 CFR medical requirement for hazardous materials technicians.

Must maintain all job-related certifications.

Submit to and successfully pass full medical examination annually.
Must complete the following course work:
      Chemistry of Hazardous Materials Course or equivalent
Marine Tank Barge training
16 Hour Weapons of Mass Destruction Hands on Training course (COBRA)
Industrial Fire suppression course
Railcar Emergency Operations course
National Incident Management System (NIMS), Level 300 - Intermediate Incident
Command System course
National Incident Management System (NIMS), Level 400 – Advanced Incident
Command System course
64 Hours of annual ESU Hazardous Materials in-service training
    8 Hour annual Hazardous Materials Technician refresher

    The Following courses are required for Bomb Techs or Explosive Detecting K-9
    handlers only:
210 Hour FBI - Hazardous Devices School (Bomb Techs Only)
120 Hour Explosive Detecting K-9 Handler Course (K-9 Handlers Only)
32 Hour Explosive Handler Safety Course (K-9 Handlers only)
80 Hour ATF advanced explosive destruction Techniques (Bomb Techs only,
Upon availability)
32 Hours of annual ESU Explosives in-service training (Bomb Techs only)
40 Hour ATF and/or FBI post blast investigation course (Bomb Techs Only)

Last Modified: 03/26/2019