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Joint Operations Coordinator
Senior Pilot
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Emergency Services Trainee Technician
Emergency Services Technician
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Louisiana State Police Commission

The examples of work given are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work performed in positions allocated to this job. The absence of specific statements of duties does not exclude those tasks from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment of the position.

JOB TITLE: State Police Major

Job Class Code: 07133460

To manage several functional units which provide law enforcement services.




Broad direction from either the Deputy Secretary (unclassified) or the State Police Deputy Superintendent.


Direct line over State Police Captains or lower level State Police personnel.


Department of Public Safety an Corrections; Office of State Police; statewide.


Differs from State Police Captain in that State Police Majors have responsibility for several functional sections.

Differs from the State Police Chief of Staff by lack of responsibilities for all of Headquarters supportive functional sections and State Police Deputy Superintendent by lack of responsibility for all operations of State Police.


Regional Commander
Supervises and directs operational and administrative activities of regional headquarters.

Develops standards of performance for Troop Commanders.

Analyzes regional law enforcement program and establishes regional procedures.

Collaborates with other law enforcement agencies and state officials.

Compiles various reports.

Inspects assigned section's operational activities.

Reviews all problems submitted by State Police Captains.

Directs and coordinates the activities of all personnel engaged in conducting investigations in narcotics violation, armed robberies, murder, rape, burglary and theft, assault, battery, kidnapping, fraud, confidence games and other types of criminal violations.

Collaborates with sheriffs, chiefs of police, district attorneys, out-of-state law enforcement officials and other sections within the department.

Assigns investigative and other duties concerning various criminal activities.

Compiles reports on criminal activity within the state.

Reviews and checks all outgoing and incoming correspondence, investigations and reports for accuracy.

Informs Deputy Superintendent of the overall criminal activity within the state.

Supervises Regional personnel assigned to public affairs and stock patrol.

Executive Officer
Supervises and directs the administrative activities of the hazardous substance section, intelligence/investigative support center section, protective services section, safety enforcement/motor vehicle liaison section, and the inspectional services section.

Serves as the uniformed Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent.

Assists in the development of future expenditure requirements for State Police personnel, equipment, facilities and programs necessary to accomplish goals and objectives.

Establishes procedures for and monitors implementation of policies, plans and programs.

Participates in studies to evaluate methods of crime prevention, traffic enforcement and control and other operational law enforcement activities.

Prepares and/or coordinates the timely submission of correspondence, reports and other materials to requesting agencies.

Monitors Office of State Police activities to ensure total coordination of administrative and operational goals and objectives, etc.

Coordinates, periodically, activities of specific personnel regarding law enforcement activities and duties in any given area of the state.

Special Operations Commander
Supervises all operational and administrative activities entailed in extraordinary Louisiana State Police responsibilities dealing with special events, natural weather disasters, and other major incidents affecting public safety; e.g. World's Fair, Papal visits, national political party conventions, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, industrial plant explosions/releases, and large transportation emergencies.

Oversees central command for such incidents that involve most State Police operational units, including headquarters logistical support and multiple troop areas.

Handles personnel assignments from various units as well as supervision structure.

Coordinates all special detail assignments for particular one-time or non-recurring duties.

Prepares After Action reports detailing man hours, equipment, expenditures, and other logistical resources utilized.


Two years of experience as a Louisiana State Police Captain.

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