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Article X: Part IV- State Police Service

Louisiana State Police Commission
Transmittal Sheets

Transmittal Sheet No. 51.pdfTransmittal Sheet No. 51.pdf
Adoption of new Rule 11.34

Transmittal Sheet No. 52.pdfTransmittal Sheet No. 52.pdf
Adoption, Amendment or Repeal of Rule 2.10(a); Emergency Rule Change

Transmittal Sheet No. 53.pdfTransmittal Sheet No. 53.pdf
Adoption of new Rule 6.14(j) and Rule 10 in its entirety

Transmittal Sheet No. 54.pdfTransmittal Sheet No. 54.pdf
Adoption of Rule 6.3(d) Pay Plan, 6.4 Rates in Pay, 6.14, and Rule 19.1, 19.2,19.3(a), 19.4

Transmittal Sheet No. 55.pdfTransmittal Sheet No. 55.pdf
Revise Rule 12.12 Extension of Time to Complete an Investigation and Adopt Rules 12.13-12.20

Transmittal Sheet No. 56.pdfTransmittal Sheet No. 56.pdf
Adoption of new Rules 1, 2, 3, and 4

Transmittal Sheet No. 57.pdfTransmittal Sheet No. 57.pdf
Adoption of new Rule 6: Uniform Pay and Classification Plan: Includes Hiring Rate, Longevity Rate increase and Performance Adjustments

Transmittal Sheet No. 58 .pdfTransmittal Sheet No. 58 .pdf
Rescind Rule 6: Uniform Pay and Classification Plan; Reference to Article X, Section 48(c)

Transmittal Sheet #59.pdfTransmittal Sheet #59.pdf
Revision of State Police Commission Chapter 3 Duties of the Director

Transmittal Sheet No. 60.pdfTransmittal Sheet No. 60.pdf
Revision of State Police Commission Chapter 6 Pay Plan

Last Modified: 01/15/2017